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rig_over_river-photo-5-1.pngSpecialty Drilling 

In business since 1985, SAI is recognized as one of the leaders in the difficult-access drilling industry. Providing services to the Geotechnical, Environmental, Mineral Exploration, and Construction fields, SAI helps its clients to get a clearer picture of the subsurface in places otherwise unreachable by conventional drilling equipment.


We have a reputation for getting our equipment into locations that others won’t even try. The nature of our extremely portable custom-built drilling equipment not only allows us to access hard to reach sites but also leaves little to no environmental impact by eliminating the need for blazing access trails or leveling large drill pads. Often times after the job is complete there is little evidence that we were even there.


Feel free to give us a call about your upcoming project you might just be surprised by our costs and responsiveness. We are used to people saying, “Really, you can do that?” Our number one goal is to get you the information that you need, from where you need it.

Drilling, Sampling, and Installations:

  • High speed wire line core drilling
  • Casing advancer systems
  • Split spoon drive samplers
  • Packer permeability testing
  • Shelby tube samplers
  • Borehole imaging
  • Standard piezometers
  • Vibrating wire piezometers
  • Inclinometers
  • Borehole extensometers

“In our experience SAI has lived up to its reputation for doing "extreme drilling."   Their well-trained field personnel are very proficient at retrieving excellent samples under very difficult terrain conditions without disturbing the environment.”

Naresh C. Samtani, PhD, PE


NCS Consultants, LLC


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