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 10.19.2015 "SAI is pleased to announce that we reccently acquired a larger custom-built difficult access geotechnical core drill. This drill is epuiped with a Longyear LF70 H chuck head and will greatly improve our HQ coring capabilities."

 03.06.2014 "New photos have been added to the gallery section of the website as well as many more added to our Facebook page. Click the link in the upper right corner of the website banner to visit and "like" our Facebook page."

04.11.2013 "Check out and "like" our new Facebook page by clicking on the link in the upper right corner of our website banner. Here you can see videos and more photos of our difficult access drilling jobs, as well as read and leave comments for us."

01.23.2013   "SAI is excited to announce the launch of our newly redesigned and improved website. This will be a powerful tool to help us better communicate our capabilities and accomplishments to new and existing clients. Please check back often for updated content and photos."




"I know of no other geologic exploratory drilling company that is as prepared for every type of drilling condition; no matter the location, inclement weather, or the day of the week.  On every project I am always thoroughly impressed by their skill and knowledge in rock core recovery and geotechnical drilling.  Salisbury is without a doubt the best geotech drilling company I have ever had the pleasure to work with."

Todd Hansen, E.I.
Yeh & Associates


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